You are NOT going to believe what I did last weekend! Say chat 11/19/22

Hi friends! Phew! There was a lot going on this week! Let’s talk about it in this week’s Sat Chat!

So much stuff to mention this week!

That’s all for today! I need to run some errands (I’m out of flour as I have made 2 more loaves of sourdough and they are fermenting in the fridge as we speak) and I do not want to go shopping any closer to Thanksgiving than I have to. Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “You are NOT going to believe what I did last weekend! Say chat 11/19/22

  1. I bet you’re going to buy each grocery item individually and take the new car up to get it???? LOL. I remember how this works with a great new car.
    PS. Did you tell us one time about how to make the sour dough starter? Now that cooler temps are here I would love to make some bread. Can you tell me if that was on one of your tutorials? and if not, maybe you could share?
    Thank you,


  2. Hey Lindsay, I want to purchase your Christmas card course but I only have an iPad, would I still have access to the course? I’m not computer savvy, lol

    Thanks Lynne

    Sent from my iPad



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