Maries Master’s Watercolor Review

Hi friends! Today we are taking a look at Maries Masters Watercolors. You can find them on Amazon in sets of 6 for the same tube price I paid at Jerry’s Artarmama where I bought mine. I paid $2.49 per tube on sale in August. The Maries Masters watercolors are different from the cheap Maries watercolors sets they sell. I think the “Marie’s” name is slapped on all kinds of budget art supplies. The watercolors I am reviewing today are the only ones I can recommend from Marie’s. Please don’t be fooled by the cheap sets for under $12, they are not the same. Trust me. In today’s video, we will have a look at these paints and see if they might be right for you.

The colors I bought: Lemon Yellow (PY3), Crimson (PR149), and Ultramarine Blue (PB29. Al 3 performed and mixed very well. This line of paints has a lot of mixed pigments and I can’t speak to those but these single pigment colors were excellent. The mixing was great and not muddy at all. The yellow showed some opacity on my black marker line but it did not seem full of fillers.


  • Price (for now anyway)
  • Quality
  • Awesome granulation in the ultramarine blue
  • Mixes well (the single pigment colors I used did anyway)
  • 55 colors (22 single pigment and 11 pearl/metallic)
  • Pigment and lightfast info available


  • Hard to find (Jerry’s Artarama seems to have a monopoly on this product, they might own or license Marie’s name as it appears on many of their products that sell under other names on Amazon)

Bottom Line: If you can snag these at the price I paint I totally recommend giving them a try. they are much better than other student-grade paints at the same price and the 3 colors I picked seemed pretty dang professional. I can’t speak for the whole range but I’ll probably pick up a few more colors when I have Jerry’s order going. These are not the same as the Phoenix artist’s quality paints that I reviewed here (I suspected they might be due to packaging and number similarities on some of the colors.) So the price increase of Maries over Phoenix makes total sense. I wouldn’t pay top dollar for the Maries Masters over other artist-grade paints but if you can get them on sale they are worth a try, at least the colors I bought are.

Happy crafting!


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