SAt Chat 11/12/22

Hi friends! Is it just me or does the week after a time change just feel off? I am writing this blog post at 7:39pm and it feels like 11pm LOL! Anyway, here is this week’s sat chat!

Stuff (Affiliate links may be used)

  • I forgot to mention that the tutorial for the ball jar and berries is up in Critique Club now
  • I almost forgot to mention that my Alcohol Marker Workshop is on launch special for 50% off *Use coupon code MARKER50 if the discount doesn’t apply automatically. Offer ends 11/30/22
  • The Sennelier pastel deal is still on at the time of posting, Grab it while you can!
  • The pottery wheel I have, Maizy stopped by tonight and played on it a bit. Fun for the whole family!

That’s all for today, happy crafting!


4 thoughts on “SAt Chat 11/12/22

  1. Be careful having clay in your home. Don’t sweep – use water to clean up . Clay dust is bad to breathe in. Also bad for your sink. I have 2 water buckets for clean up. I do an initial clean up in the first, then a second rinse in the second then the sink. When the first gets too yucky, I let it settle and use the bottom for slip. Clay is wonderful but just be careful.

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  2. The whole week has been horribly bonkers. I woke up from my nap one day this week and it was already dark out. That’s just not right. I am still in the marker class. My gargoyle is almost finished. But you keep getting me side tracked with other great tutorials. I did the pocket watch, it was great. Back to gargoyle soon, I’m falling behind everyone.

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  3. I am so grateful for your Sat Chats and all you do to help people feel more confident Will you give me more info on how to order the San Joki alcohol markers? Thank you for your inspiration!!

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