It’s Glorious Out Today! Sat Chat 11/5/22

Hi friends! Man, it is such a beautiful day. I don’t remember ever having a 70-degree day in November and it is supposed to be nice through Monday! My daughter Lila is home for the weekend and the other two kids even came by for visits. I feel complete:) I had a few more ceramics I wanted to make in the pottery shed before the weather got cold so I have been taking advantage of the warm weather. I have made a rather Avante-Garde bean pot (I am hoping to make it a bit less Avante-Garde when I trim it) and a couple more mugs. I was a bit out of practice and I have never thrown more than 1.5lbs of clay successfully before so it took 3 tries (aka collapsed pots) to get a usable vessel. I’m loving it tho and I am thinking about where my wheel will go for winter because I want to keep using it especially since firing is not as expensive as I thought it might be. I am thinking I want to drill a hole in my splash pan so I can run a hose to a bucket to catch the drippings because I make such a mess when I remove it to dump it out. I can then let the clay dry out in the bucket and recycle it back to clay and keep it out of my pipes. I would also rather stand at the wheel so I can have more strength for centering so I need to bring up the height of the wheel somehow. Putting this space together will be fun. My husband keeps giving me skeptical looks. As always I prefer to go full speed ahead with my ideas and not involve anyone else unless I get in over my head. And that, my friends, is how our marriage has lasted for 21 years. Follow me for more art and marriage tips LOL! On to this week’s Sat Chat!


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  • I am planning some projects with Daniel smith’s transparent watercolor ground and a comparison to the titanium white ground. the price is substantially cheaper on Blick compared to amazon. always check with Blick before ordering art supplies especially if it is not a set of something.
  • Dritz elastic threaders are twice the price on Amazon than the small shop I bought mine from, yikes!
  • I did a live inktober sketchbook livestream Wednesday. You can watch the replay and see still photos of all my drawings on my blog
  • And I finally took my pottery to be fired! I hope it turns out nice!

Have an awesome weekend and til next time happy crafting!

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