Inktober 2022 Recap (Livestream Tomorrow!)

Hi friends! Today I took it easy. I finished up my last Inktober drawing at about 11pm last night, right down to the wire. If you took part in the month-long art challenge hats off to you! If you have no idea what I am talking about Inktober is an art challenge started by Jake Parker to improve inking and it has grown over the years to all kinds of art media. I am going to Livestream a sketchbook flip through tomorrow if you want to find out more about any of these artworks such as mediums, inspiration, etc. The Livestream and replay can be watched in the video player below or if you want to chat live tomorrow morning at 11am ET you can watch on YouTube.

Now here is the prompt list and artwork!

And that’s a wrap of Inktober 2022! I went off script (prompt list) twice, it was a beautiful day on the 6th so I did a pastel painting at the stream instead of painting a bouquet (but the fall leaves made a colorful bouquet I think!) and on the 20th because I was doing artwork for a class I was teaching and I honestly ran out of time to create a new inktober piece. I’m happy with my work. I did more from my imagination this year which is something I’d like to work on more. If you like my art style and want to improve your alcohol marker skills I have an Alcohol Marker Workshop on launch special this month for 50% off. Click this discount link or use coupon code MARKER50 if the link doesn’t appear automatically. I hope to see you on the Livestream tomorrow and til then happy crafting!