Fun Cardmaking with Swatches and Scraps!

Hi friends! Do you have an evergrowing pile of scraps in your craft room? I did, but I don’t anymore because I turned them into cards! 45 cards to be exact!

I had been saving scraps of painted paper and swatches left over from product reviews because they were too pretty to toss but I didn’t need to keep them either. I keep detailed swatches of products but I also do mixing charts and other tests I don’t need to keep. I always thought it would be fun to make cards from these cast-offs and that is what we will do today!

I have sold out of all of the artsy-themed cards I made. Thank you so much for your orders! If you ordered and paid they are on the way to you. If you ordered I have sent an invoice, please check your spam folder if you didn’t receive it.

I used art-supply-themed stamps from fellow YouTuber Irit Landgraf, she has a charming channel you should check out and she also has a shop with cute stamps and other supplies (and art too!) I used her sketchbook essentials stamps and they were perfect for stamping over all the wild collage layers of thick art papers I had on these cards. She is planning another restock soon so if they are sold out they will return. They are photopolymer and of beautiful quality. And no, she did not pay me to say these things LOL!

In my scraps I had some color wheels and swatches made with Waffle Flower stamps:

My 3rd inspiration for this card batch (after my scrap pile and the cute stamps) was my big set of jelly gouache sent to me by Artsy which includes metallic colors.

Another coloring medium that worked really well where the Arrtx brush tip acrylic markers. You get more for your money with the gouache but the markers were very convenient. You can use any paint you like tho!

I used the Rancher Archival jet black ink pad because I get a good impression and it is waterproof when dry.

And that’s it! This is really a “Use what you have and use it up” type of craft and I hope it inspires you to do just that.

Happy crafting!


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