A classic car to paint!

Hi friends! Inktober is just around the corner so I decided to try out a new travel sketching kit from Viviva and see how I like it.

I used the Inktober sketching kit. It is currently sold out but you can find the folio and other sketchbooks and paints for the kits (that are actually cheaper and the Inktober branded one) from Viviva if it looks like something you would like. Otherwise, you can use this as an idea to create a sketching kit using what you already have.

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

  • Travel art kit from Viviva
  • The reference image is from the Artist’s Photo Reference Book: Reflections, Textures, and Backgrounds by Gary Green. I love this series of books and have collected them all over the years. You can get used hardcover copies on Amazon and I think they even have Kindle versions of some of them. I like the hardcover versions because I tend to get distracted online so being able to grab a book to leaf through on the deck with my art supplies is nice. Be sure to look at “more buying choices”, they can be as low as $4, and often a pricier version with “free shipping” is listed first. You can see the other books in the series here.
  • Dr Ph Martin Bleedproof white for highlights

That’s all for today! I hope you find some time to sketch today and til next time happy crafting!