REview of Phoenix Watercolor (Artist Grade Tubes)

I’ve been asked about this set and I’ve been curious about these tube watercolors so when the price dropped I had to give them a try! They are the Phoenix Artist watercolor tube set. This is a set of 24, 8ml tubes of artist-grade watercolor. Let’s see how they perform! Warning, there is another set of Phoenix tube watercolors that are cheaper and they are chalky and awful. Ocean State Job Lot sells them and they are on Amazon too. I would avoid them at all costs. I am not going to link to them because I don’t want anyone buying them by mistake as the quality is so poor.


  • Price (for now anyway) Good color selection
  • Decent glazing ability
  • Pigment and lightfast info included on tube
  • Mixes well if you stick to the strongest colors
  • Paint drys down well and rewet nicely.


  • This set includes a few weak colors that could put you off watercolors such as Verdi Blue and Cereluean hue.
  • The phthalo green and Emerald are too samey and the hookers green dark is lifeless. I recommend mixing the emerald with cadmium orange hue for a beautiful “sap green” because oddly it is difficult to get a natural-looking green with this set otherwise.

Bottom line: despite the weak colors I mentioned in the cons I think that the Phoenix Artists watercolor tube set is a good buy. The paint is identical to Cotman so much so that I think it is the same paint relabeled. If you stick to a limited palette of the strong colors (and maybe mix up a pan of Sap Green from Emerald and Cad orange hue) you will have a nice set to work with at a good price. You are getting Cotman quality paint so as long as you are good with that you are safe to try these. For the price, it is worth it for the good colors in the kit. Happy crafting!