Sat Chat: Empty Nest Part 3

How’s it going, friends? Another Saturday, another chat!

Stuff I mentioned:

  • It’s pastel month, look for new free pastel tutorials every Tuesday and Thursday on my Channel through September. More info on Pastel month here.
  • Want more pastel help? I am putting my Soft Pastel for Beginners class on sale for 50% off this month to celebrate Pastel Month! *Offer good on one-time purchases or payment plans. The offer ends 10/1/22. Use coupon code PASTEL50 if the discount doesn’t appear automatically
  • Don’t worry, I will still have all of my regular features such as Reviews on Mondays, watercolor Wednesdays, Frugal Fridays, and Sat Chats (and an occasional Sketchbook Sunday) Boy, I am going to be really busy, maybe I should have thought this through more LOL!
  • Thanks to all who left a review on my brush set. If you want to leave a review or check out the brushes you can here.
  • In case you stayed to the end this is the pottery wheel I got. I bought some earthernware clay from a local ceramic shop so if I make anything good I can take it there to be fired and glazed. Maybe I’ll be good enough by christmas to make some gifts! And, I cleaned out the kids’ old playhouse last night and I’m turning into a pottery shed 😆

Have a great week! Happy crafting!