5 Ways to Earn Money from your Art!

Hi friends! I am back from vacation with a new video for you! If you have ever wanted to start making money with your art but you don’t have a large online following or a lot of money to get started this video is for you. I will share 5 ways you can start earning with your art today.

Here are some quick, low-cost ideas of ways you can make money from your art skills!

  1. Art Birthday parties for kids.
  2. Paint Parties (like sip n paint) for adults. Bridal showers, birthday parties, school fundraisers or even collab with bard or restaurants to host a sip n paint.
  3. Teach a class at a local community center or library.
  4. Sell custom arts and crafts on your local community Facebook page or personal page. Word of mouth is free and effective! Ideas: hairbows in local school colors, painted signs, painted magnetic mailbox covers, offer to custom paint planters and decor.
  5. Pet portrait commissions: Leave a painting and some business cards at your local veterinarian or pet store.

These are probably not the jobs you will want to do forever but they are great for making money fast with your art. Good luck my friends and til next time happy crafting!