Sat Chat: This Video has been redacted LOL!

Hi friends, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It’s been a pretty gloomy day today and our refrigerator died! Add that to the AC and the dishwasher a couple months ago. But hey, my succulent is still alive! I am looking forward to my daughters’ concert tomorrow (the last of their High School career) and then they have their senior softball game on Monday. This year has gone way too fast! Anyway, that is neither here nor there it’s time for a silly sat chat!

Redactions, retractions, and resources (hey, I think that should be my extra info on every sat chat haha!)

  • OK, I know there are more famous people than the 3 I mentioned in the video from Maine: E.B. White, The Wyeths, Margeret Chase Smith, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Bil Cohen, Dorethia Dix, Judd Nelson, etc you can see them all here. Fun Fact: Martha Stewart summers in Maine too! OK, there are tons of famous people here even former presidents. I retract my video!
  • A new brush set is coming soon, here is the page for it where you can sign up for a notification when in stock
  • I talked about some deals this week, You can check if they are still in stock, sadly the Sennelier watercolors sold out at the lower price. The Sennelier set came back in stock on sale here, arrives July 11-12ish. Aowin/Owin watercolors, Posca pens, and Travel wooden clip on a sketchbook palette *I saw these before but never at this price so I ordered one to review. I hope it’s good, God, I need an intervention for my travel palette addiction.
  • Want monster unicorn palette, sweet, am I right?
  • You can see all my recent videos here
  • My lame unprofessional website has problems so I am abandoning it at this time LOL! If you are interested in a painting you can email me. The succulents painting sold, Thanks Lillian!

I hope the rest of your weekend goes well and til nxt time happy crafting!