Pure Watercolor Poppies

Hi friends! I have some exciting news, although, to be fair it is really future news… what the heck, I’ll tell you now. I am developing a watercolor brush set that will be released in July. The last step of the project is the artwork for the box so I thought it would be fun to record the creation of it to share with you!

You can also find a real-time version of this lesson in Critique Club. For only $5 a month you can enjoy dozens of advanced, real-time narrated art tutorials in a variety of media with 2 new tutorials posted each month. You get a new creative prompt every month and you can even upload your art for feedback from me. You can learn more and see the full list of lessons included in Critique Club here.

Supplies *Affiliate links used

I hope you enjoyed this time lapse with tips and tricks and info about the art and I hope it inspires you to create! Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Pure Watercolor Poppies

  1. I find choosing the right brushes difficult. I look forward to buying your recommend set.

    Hope to see you at the Springfield stamp convention in June.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t have the final numbers yet but I wanted to keep it around $50 (hopefully less:)


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