Painting a rooster with new Gucai Metallic paint

Hi have 2 videos for you today, first a review of the new Gucai metallic watercolors from Paul Rubens and then a tutorial of a rooster painted with them!

First up, the review of these new paints!

I have been told there will be a 15% off deal on the Gucai watercolors from May 9, 2022, 12:00 AM PDT- May 15, 2022, 11:45 PM PDT *several people asked about the fine mist water spray bottle, it’s very affordable and works great!


  • Size of pan (large Japanese gansai style)
  • Price
  • Easy to rewet
  • Lovely color variety
  • Variety of shimmer form pearl, metallic to glitter
  • Pans can be taken out of the palette easily to paint with without taking up lots of space or sharing in a classroom


  • Pans will probably be used up quickly due to their ease of resetting
  • Large footprint

How do they compare to the Metallic half pan set by Paul Rubens? These are less expensive than the half pan version but are also less dense so they probably won’t last as long. They are not different enough to need both. I’d choose the format you prefer. I use the 24 half pan set the most myself and that is what I recommend. That said the gucai set is cheaper per color and you might prefer the larger pan so pick what is right for you.

Now here is the tutorial of the rooster!

Supplies: *Affiliate link used

I hope this inspires you to paint. You can even try this on white paper with traditional watercolors. Have fun with it and til next time happy crafting!

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