Easy Poppy Tutorial (in the middle of a review)

Hi friends! I kinda forgot that I did a quick and easy painting tutorial in the middle of this review. You can find it at the 15-minute mark of today’s paint review video below.

I really need to change the video thumbnail to reflect that. I’ll figure out Youtube one of these decades. In the meantime enjoy the video!

I was very keen to try these Maimeri Blu pan paints because I liked their tubes in the past. This set had some unusual colors for a 12 pan set and we are going to look at them today as well as the old tubes I have on hand. In 2018 MaimeriBlu revamped its watercolors to mainly focus on single pigment colors. All of the half pans in this set were single pigment. I hasten to call this a review because I don’t think it is an accurate representation of their current line but it’s fun to see different paint sets so I thought It would make a good video.

Prices vary greatly for this paint so be sure to shop around and if you are considering purchasing a set be sure to look at what it contains to make sure you like the included colors. The tins are very nice. I have heard that some people get random colors when they order the tins from Jacksons (which has the lowest prices on the half pan sets) but my tin had the colors listed in the description. I am not sure where my tin came from.

Where to buy (affiliate links may be used)

Overview: I think they are a nice paint. Some colors are better than others. I’d avoid green earth. I suggest looking at swatches and pigment codes to determine if a color is worth it. The tubes are 12ml vs the normal 15 ml you might want to compare them to so keep that in mind when price shopping. Also, be sure to look at pigment codes because the names can get mixed up in translation. Here is the Maimeri website with clickable swatches with pigment info.

In other news, there is still time to sign up for my FREE Michaels class tomorrow night at 8pm ET. It’s all about choosing the right paper for your colored pencils and mixed media projects. Bring a pen and a notebook, it’s sure to be educational! Til then, happy crafting!