Who Saves Bottlecaps? Have I got a craft for you!

Hi friends! Today I have a fun craft you can make with metal bottle caps!

You can use bottle caps from various drinks (the twist-off ones are best as they are not dented) or you can purchase uncirculated bottlecaps in a variety of colors and designs. The fun thing about the uncirculated ones is you can whack them with a rubber mallet to flatten them and it makes a pretty frame! These mini paintings can be made into magnets or jewelry but gluing the appropriate finding on the back!

Either way, they look terrific! This would make an affordable classroom or summer camp craft. I had my niece, who frequently entertained, save me caps so just ask your friends to save bottlecaps for you if you want to make a bunch of these. If you are a schoolteacher you may want to spraypaint over and beer logos tho. Watch the video for the full DIY!

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I hope you enjoyed this craft! If you have any other ideas for using up bottlecaps I’d love to hear them, I have hundreds left! Also if you have any ideas to use up all of the wine corks I’ve been saving up during the pandemic I’d love to hear those too! Happy crafting!