Let’s Paint Loose Sunflowers!

Hi friends! Last week April, the owner of the ETSY shop A Little Creative contacted me about a fundraiser she was doing to help refugees from Ukraine who had crossed over to Poland. She is really connected to this region having visited there and even selling paint made in Poland. She said she wanted to donate 100% of profits from paint sales for a week to the relief effort! I loved that idea and I said I would share the info with my audience and make a fun tutorial using the paints as well!

Watch the video to learn how to paint these sunflowers in real-time. If you want to purchase some of the paint I used you can from A Little Creative on ETSY and April will donate 100% of the profits to the Ukrainian relief effort through 3/27/22!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you need paint and want to support the Ukrainian relief effort check out A Little Creative! Happy crafting!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Paint Loose Sunflowers!

  1. I love these sunflowers! They look like they are moving in the breeze. I like the colors too.
    What happens if you get some of the salt into your paintbrush, water or pans? Would it ruin the paints eventually?

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    1. No, it will rinse out of your brushes and the paints sometimes have salt added as a mordant to make it bind to paper.


  2. These are just beautiful. I love when purples are used for shadows with the golds and greens. It just gives such a lovely effect. And what a wonderful cause! Your friend April is wonderful for doing this! Awesome post and painting! ❤

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  3. Thanks Lindsay! Marvelous idea to help. I haven’t been in Critique Club of late because I’m selling cards and prints for the effort as well. It makes my heart happy to see all the efforts from the art world. I’ll be back to CC when I get these orders caught up.

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