Brutfuner 50 Macaron Colored Pencil REview

Hi friends! Today I have a review of a beautiful set of pastel-colored pencils. Pastel tones are useful in blending and highlighting and they have been very popular lately, and there have been many sets of pastel-colored pencils popping up. I am reviewing the Brutfuner Macaron set of 50. I was inspired to draw Macarons (and obvious choice I know LOL!)

Full disclosure, These pencils were sent to me to review from Andstal Stationary Shop on AliExpress. There are several different lines of Brutfuner pencils and they all are different. I have the 120 square set which I really like and compared in this video, the Brutfuner 520 colored pencil set which are decent and I also compared in the video to see if the same colors here in there too (and if you have 520 colors you probably have your bases pretty well covered.) That said the lead in the new Brutfuner 50 Macaron set is more pigmented on black and softer to lay down feeling more like a Prismacolor than anything else.

Since this set is pastel tones only it is not a stand-alone set. You will need to pair it with more vibrant and dark colors to get the most from this set but if you have any assorted colored pencils set you should be fine. One more important note before we get to the video, the Brutfuner 50 Macaron color set I am reviewing is different than the Brutfuner 80 pastel set that is on Amazon. I have an email out to Andstal (as they also sell that set) to see how they differ. I’ll keep you posted. EDIT: They just got back to me and the 80 set is an older formula and the colors are not duplicated in the Macaron set. I just wanted to mention it because it is confusing and I have not tried the 80 pastel set (to be honest the colors didn’t look that appealing) so I can’t vouch for the quality and I didn’t want people to buy those expecting the pencils I reviewed. OK, with that out of the way let’s get to the video review!

Product details: 50 pastel-toned colored pencils that look (and are named and numbered) like the Holbein Artists Pencil pastel set of 50 colored pencils. The colors match the Holbein colors too. In my opinion, they feel and laydown identical to Prismacolor Premier soft core pencils.

Brutfuner Macaron and Holbein side by side.

Here is a swatch of the Brutfuner 50 Macaron colors on black and white paper:

And here is the swatch comparing them to similar feeling pencils I own. I know it’s a mess but the Brutfuner macarons are to the right of the comparable color on each brand. I hope it’s helpful. I explain this chart in the last few minutes of the video if you need a translation.


  • Price $17.87 at time of filming (vs $157 for the similar set by Holbein)
  • Color selection (A gorgeous and unique range of pastels)
  • Build Quality (full color dipped barrels with capped ends and gold foil writing)
  • Opaque Blends beautifully
  • Soft lead (should be easy on hands with arthritis)
  • Good color payout
  • Works well with the other pencils I own without a lot of duplications in color


  • Not available open stock (buy you can order the same color Holbein open stock if you run out)
  • No Lightfast info (pastels are generally not very lightfast anyway no matter the brand so keep that in mind)
  • Limited color range, you will want other colors for deeper values to create complex artwork.

Bottom line: I think they are fantastic! They are soft and smooth and the colors are gorgeous. For the way I work they are ideal to use with my other pencils. The range is not as useful on its own but a great booster pack to any soft, wax-based pencils you own and a heck of a bargain. I recommend these! Don’t take my word for it, the Coloring Diva has a couple of informative videos here and here comparing them to the full pastel set of Holbeins and other budget-friendly pastel sets that I do not have. The more you know, right? Thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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