New Podcast Episode: Business vs hobby

“You should sell that!”

Hi friends, How many times had a friend or relative said that to you? How many times have sad that to another artist or crafter? We all mean well and when we say that we honestly thing the craft has value but those words can put a lot of pressure on a maker. In today’s podcast we will discuss if you should try and turn your hobby into a side hustle or if you should keep it for the pure enjoyment it provides.

What do you think? Do you sell your work or does the mere through of it stress you out? Let me know in the comments below! Happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “New Podcast Episode: Business vs hobby

  1. I do sell some paintings turned into greeting cards and sell them for to 2 non-profit organizations as fund raisers, no pressure. I put up 5 cards and envelopes into plastic bags and sell them for the Art Collaborative I belong to, also. again,, no pressure. I am not going to try to get any bigger. The few I sell, cover the printing costs for all that I do.

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  2. Hi, Lindsay, I am going to sell my “stuff” at my first craft fair. I feel like I really don’t care if I sell a thing. I’m just doin’ it for the hallibut. I made some mini Christmas stocking ornaments, wineglass charms, mini Christmas junkjournals, bookmarks and all-occasion cards. I’ve also made a couple of full-sized jj’s, but I’m putting the price up high, cuz, I love those two books, especially, my Sherlock Holmes jj. I’ll probably cry if it sells, lol. What I don’t sell, I’ll give away to friends, so no regrets.

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  3. Hi Lindsay, I don’t sell my stuff often. I only get paid for it because the ones that have bought my cards forced me to take the money. 😆 The one time I made a set of personalized cards to sell killed me to give them over. They were a work of art that I really hated to part with.
    I just used that money to buy more card making supplies that I really didn’t need but 5hey were on sale.

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  4. I sell my cards to raise money for charities its awesome fun and because im totally bedridden it gives me something to do but I’ve learnt not to take too much on and say no if it all gets too much! That’s the most important thing I’m lucky to have help from my support workers

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  5. Hi Lindsay from 🇨🇦 I work mainly on commission so people contact me via email to have their pets painted. They see my style of painting and my prices on my website so when they contact me, they usually have an idea what they want and how much they will pay. I refuse the commission work when my intuition or gut feeling tells me the client will be difficult. So far, I have had only very pleasant experiences and have met wonderful people. However, I don’t rely on my art for a living so that makes it much less stressful too. Cheers!

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