My “Lazy Days” Inktober Art Bag

Hi friends! It’s October, or if you are me “Inktober!” For the past few years I have attempted Inktober and the past 2 years I did the whole thing and didn’t miss a day. I have to admit I kinda crawled into this month. I was NOT raring to go or full of ideas and energy. I even doubted if I had it in me to undertake a daily art challenge. I decided that I was going to start it, one day at a time, and then I thought, why not make it a bit easier on myself? So I put together a “frictionless” bag of supplies for the days I am tired, lazy or just want to draw away from my art desk. See what I picked in the video below!

Here’s what’s in the bag. Affiliate links used.

I can grab this bag of supplies and sketch while sitting on my couch watching TV. Sometimes to meet an art challenge you just need to remove the “pain points” like going down to my studio and picking out supplies. Often I am not undertaking my daily inktober drawing until after dinner and all of my regular work is finished. I can be pretty tired by then but I always enjoy drawing and I am so happy when I am done. You can keep up with my inktober drawing on Instagram and you can find out about inktober here incase you would like to draw along! Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “My “Lazy Days” Inktober Art Bag

  1. I am using this to ask a question. I want to buy a better set of markers than the ones I got at AC Moore. I make birthday cards for about 15 people, a couple of Valentines, the occasional wedding, sympathy, or anniversary cards and about a dozen Christmas cards. So all in all not a heavy user of markers. What is a good basic, not expensive set of markers. I don’t necessarily need a set of brush tips. I really would appreciate a couple of tips. Thanks. BYW, I watch almost all of your videos!!! Love them and you

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    1. Ohuhu is a good brand. Their bullet chisel version runs about 50 cents a marker and chisel brush is around $1 pet marker and they have many sets to choose from and open stock too. Have a look at what they have.


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