It’s Sat CHat time with a Dollar Tree Frug-haul!

Hi friends! The days are just flying by friends! Sit back, have a drink and lets chat about the week!

FYI-I never “save” money at the dollar tree (really, I went in for 1 thing!)

Cool YouTube videos and other stuff I mentioned:

  • Gotta see vellum stamping tutorial from  @stampscapes  *This is the short 2-minute version but he also has a real-time one, he is so good!
  • The  @Art Prof: Create & Critique  channel just posted some timed drawing videos perfect for practice sketching!
  • Here is my live sketching session if you need a bit more guidance in drawing:
  • And the cardmaking tutorial I mentioned using unrelated stamps. *If you like my cardmaking videos please give them some love as they don’t get recommended by Youtube much, thanks!
  • Dollar tree Halloween craft supplies can also be purchased online in bulk which is great for teachers: *Or you can browse and get an idea of the new things they have this year. The selection in Brewer Maine was awesome last weekend! A tutorial with the wood things I bought will be coming soon, hopefully next week!

Have a great weekend and until next time happy crafting!

Tell me what YOU think!

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