Fall Landscape in Watercolor Pencils (Replay of the Michael’s Online Class)

Hi friends! This week I taught a live watercolor pencils class for Michael’s Stores & Derwent. This is the project:

Below you can find the replay. I hope you enjoy it!

Supply List:

Watercolor paper (I am using a 6 ½”x9” sheet of watercolor paper, choose a watercolor paper that is not too textured, hot press or a smoother cold-pressed paper is excellent)

Derwent watercolor pencils

  • Lemon Cadmium  2
  • Deep Cadmium 6
  • Deep Vermilion 14
  • Crimson Lake 20
  • Spectrum Blue 32
  • Mineral Green 45
  • Grass Green 47
  • Cedar Green 50
  • Olive Green 51
  • Raw Sienna 58
  • Copper Beech 61
  • Blue Gray 68
  • Chinese White 72

Brushes: Synthetic Golden Taklon or Nylon

  • 1” flat
  • #12 flat
  • #4 filbert
  • #1 round

Waterproof black pen (05 size)

White gel pen

Masking tape

Paper towels

Jar of water, heat tool or hairdryer (optional)

Transfer paper or a lightbox for transferring your pattern.

A board, such as a clipboard to tape your watercolor paper to. 

Here is the pattern, right click to save it and then you can print it out to transfer to your paper

I want to thank everyone who signed up for the class! I know we had about 1000 people watching live and several folks said they couldn’t log on so I am going to see if we maxed out the class capacity or what so hopefully that won’t be an issue next time. I hope you enjoy the replay and give it a try!

Have a great day and til next time happy crafting!