Nothing to draw? Look around!

Hi friends! Sometimes I think the most challenging aspect of my job if figuring out what to paint. I was trying to decide what to draw the other day when I saw the supplies I am using for a free class I am teaching at Michaels today sitting in a pretty jar on my shelf.

So I decided that I would just draw that and you know what? I had a ball! So feel free to follow along with me and draw this or find something that inspires you and have a go and you can play the video for company if you want:)

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

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Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Nothing to draw? Look around!

  1. HI Lindsay,
    I did your Michaels class today, and used the supplies that I had. I had Arteza woodless watercolor pencils. Not enough colors, and I found that they did not liquify and blend very well. so while I had fun, I found the process a bit frustrating. I just splurged and ordered the Derwent pencils. set of 72. I can’t wait to try it again .

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