Markart/Nyoni Colored Pencil Review

Hi friends! I bet you were worried that I didn’t have a budget art supply review for you this week (haha) but have no fear, today we are looking at the Nyoni colored pencils that are sold under the Markart trade name. These are a Chinese made pencil, but a fairly good one and the price is pretty nice here in America. Watch the video for the full review. PS I don’t take points off for spelling…I mean, you’ve read my blog, that would be the pot calling the kettle black!

These pencils don’t claim to be Holbein dupes but that’s what they remind me of! Today we are going to look at Nyoni pencils sold in America under the name MarkArt. They are available in sets of 48, 72 and 120. I bought the 72 set as it was the best value at the time. *Affiliate links used

One thing that was very striking was the page of pastels and the decent white in this set. They really felt like Holbein colored pencils but I will admit that Holbein colored pencils are more pigmented and the pastels are more rich and opaque on black and they ought to be for what they cost! See Holbein pencils here. They also remind me of the Arteza set I have from 2019, I think they have changed factories since then so I am hesitant to recommend them now because I’m not sure what you will get. also the Artezas have moved out of the budget realm in price. If you have the old Artezas tho this set of 72 mark art will expand the pastel range of the pencils and you won’t have many duplicates so that is nice. I honestly think they are the same pencil but different colors.


  • Price (about 35 cents a pencil)
  • Strong, thick lead
  • Mostly water resistant
  • Very well pigmented for a budget set
  • The pastels are unusual in a budget set and very nice
  • Compatible with solvent like OMS


  • No open stock
  • Sharp points can crumble under pressure
  • This is a firm pencil so it may not be suitable with artists with arthritis and other strength issues.

Bottom line: I think these Markart pencils are an excellent quality budget pencil and if you are considering Holbeins or Arteza and the price has put you off I totally recommend you try these. I think them much better than the Deli pencils and they are the same price for the 72 set. I prefer a softer pencil myself so these are not going to be a go to pencil for me but I’m glad I have them to go with my limited selection of Holbeins and Artezas. They might be just the thing for you.

Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Markart/Nyoni Colored Pencil Review

  1. Hi Lindsay! I have just received the pencils – I bought them last month after watching your youtube review. I didn’t want to waste my polychromos/luminance/DLightfasts on my colouring books. I’m happy after swatching; they have a decent colour range for less expensive pencils. But a hard pencil? They were extremely soft and I could burnish right out with hardly any pressure, and I’m notheavy handed. I was wondering if that could be due to climate? It’s so very warm where I am in Australia. Even with the aircon on COLD, my butter on the counter is very soft. It made me wonder about that. (I put my suspectedly broken core pencils in the garage on a 34celcius/93.2F normal summer day, for about an hour to heal the cores. Never mind a hot 45c/113F day! that only takes about 20 minutes!). I feel like climate conditions could have a lot to do with it. What were your temps in this review? Do you remember? I’m guessing that it wasn’t as warm as here, even though it was summer for you? Thanks, Jan


    1. I work in a basement so it is never over 70 so that could be. Softness is relative and I work with very soft pencils usually and these were harder than Prismacolor or Coloursoft. They were more similar in feel to Holbein (which many consider soft) so I think it is because I use very soft pencils that my perception might be different than yours. I’m glad you like them!


  2. Well, it dropped by 10c today, and they have firmed up considerably, so I think that whichever hard wax they use in the mix, it might be a little more temperature sensitive than the polychromos or luminance wax (to be expected, I guess). Yes, it’s all relative, isn’t it?
    They are great pencils for colouring books, I think I just have to keep temps in mind, and not be doing fine details in the hottest weather. Thanks so much for your help, and all your reviews, and everything you do for us!


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