How Many Pencils Are Too Many?

Hi friends! I totally realize that I am probably NOT he best person to answer that question but I had the opportunity to review a very hot new product. the Brutfuner set of 520 “oily” colored pencils. I had recently reviewed the Brutfuner square set of 120 which I recommend as probably the best budget colored pencils on the market under $30 so I was thrilled to try the new set. I was sent this set for free from the Andstal Stationary shop and they arrived in perfect condition and very well packaged. You can see my unboxing here. I have heard from other viewers that have ordered from this shop on AliExpress that they are top notch which is always nice to hear as I did not know them before they contacted me as I had purchased my Brutfuner Squares on Amazon. Watch the video for my full review on these.


  • Great variety of colors including pastels, neon and metallics
  • Centered cores, straight barrel, nice build construction (3.3mm lead in 7.5mm body)
  • Sharpens well to a fine point (lead is harder than Prismacolor, it is similar to Arteza and Deli/Markart pencils)
  • Layers well
  • Holds a point well
  • blends with water or OMS
  • Set came well packaged to protect from breakage and package is reusable for storage


  • Lots or near-identical colors
  • The color numbers are difficult to read on the barrel
  • Pencils are inconsistent in laydown, some are rich and pigmented and some are weaker and streaky
  • Price (of 520 set, smaller size sets are reasonable)
  • Difficult to blend

What would be the best use of this set:

  • Classroom-the harder leads will be more resistant to breaks from droppage and the many similar colors mean several people could share this set and not want for a color or have to wait for one.
  • rubber stampers or adult coloring book enthusiasts who need a sharp point and variety of colors for fine details.
  • Studio décor, it is a pretty set of pencils to display in jars or a rack
  • As a design tool for color picking (the colored barrels can be used as color swatches)
  • photo props
  • as a collectors item as it is the largest set I have ever heard of.

Bottom Line: I can’t say if this set is for you. It’s a lot of money to spend for a budget quality pencil and for that money you can buy a professional quality set that meets your exact specifications that would have replacement colors available. To be totally fair you could purchase a smaller set for a much more reasonable price, like a 48 set for around $15 so it’s not the per pencil price that makes this expensive, just the total set price for the 520. What do you think? Happy crafting!

One thought on “How Many Pencils Are Too Many?

  1. I wouldn’t buy them, I really like Derwent Inktense which I believe you also tested and liked! The colors are super so vibrant! Thank you Lindsey 😊

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