Crocodile eye!

Hi friends! Happy 4th of July! Also happening in July is World watercolor month! I’ve been posting daily art over on Instagram if you want to follow along. This was the prompt for day one “Reflections”

I thought this peeping croc and his reflection would be a fun subject!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

That’s all for today! Have a safe and happy 4th of July and til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Crocodile eye!

  1. I just watched your sat chat and heard you are disappointed not so many people watched this video. I watched it later and I must say, crocodiles aren’t my favorite creatures (they seem like mean dinosaurs to me) but if anybody can get me to watch one being painted, it’s you! Actually, after a while I wasn’t even aware of what was being painted, all I saw was colors and texture and how you managed to create that impression. This is no suggestion to start painting something really hair-raising like spiders, though!
    I also assume with the nice weather and July 4 and everything people will probably catch up with the videos later. I have chronic pain and fatigue and don’t always watch videos as soon as they appear … they are my life-saver on bad days but on days when I can get active I grab the chance, knowing it can be over sooner than I expect.
    It’s the same with watercolor month: I’d love to participate but my series would be like a chunk of Swiss cheese: more holes than cheese. I have my own ideas I’d like to try out like: “a sky a day” (keeps my pains away ;)) ! ) but it never works out. I love to see your watercolor month paintings though and I bet you already found my comment on “splatter”! I liked the impression of the spontaneity in it although I’m sure it didn’t really happen like: the ink bottle tipping over and your first and only thought being: “that would make a nice still life, I’ll clean it up later!”.


  2. me, again. I forgot to tell you I liked the idea of a First Aid Kit you can only open with a ahmmer and a chisle! I love tins and boxes and even buy things because of the box or tin it’s in and give away the contents but even I would end up helpless in front of that container! The only use I can find in an airtight box you can’t open is: Schrödinger’s cat!


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