Here is something funny and crafty!

Hi friends! Remember a couple of weeks ago when I shared a funny song parody called “menopause rhapsody” with you? Well the creator of that song asked me if I would be interested in doing a collaboration with her and here it is!

It was a lot of fun and I hope it gave you a smile or even better a laugh. Let me know if you can relate! Happy crafting!

38 thoughts on “Here is something funny and crafty!

  1. I sent it to so many people! My sister showed it to everyone at breakfast this morning saying, This is June’s life!” Yeppers, I could relate! My sister couldn’t believe that this is your first time doing something like this! She was saying, no way! She’s a natural! I agree❤️❤️❤️Created2bless – June


  2. Your video cracked me up and really hit the nail on the head. Something in my wheel house comes up and I want it. i don’t need it, I want it!!! Ha Thanks for sharing so funny.

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  3. That was wonderful! I got my first shot yesterday and felt plain awful and thought the most I could hope for was to survive this day – and then I watched this! The best part was when the singer up front held up her tiny glue stick and you hugged a gallon of glue! I laughed so loud my husband wanted to know what was so funny!
    I never knew you are such a talent! It seemed like the other day you said you seemed to be stuck art-wise and then: this! The only complaint I have is: you juggled THREE balls of wool whereas we ALL know you have far more!
    I watched this video over and over again and felt so much better you wouldn’t believe it. I’m so thankful you took part in that show and yes – I can relate to flipping through a catalog and ending up ordering lots of stuff because it was on sale … thinking I actually SAVED money!

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  4. You knocked it out of the park with this video. I absolutely loved it. It was very uplifting, fun to watch and inspiring. You are so funny.

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  5. This is absolutely wonderful! I had to share it with my hubby and daughter! 🤣 My 8 yr old granddaughter watched too. She couldn’t believe those were your actual craft supplies in the background.

    I hope you had fun making the video because we all had fun watching! Thank you!!

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  6. Hahahahahah! 😂
    That video is sooooo ME!
    Loved hearing you sing and carry on,Lindsay, oh and by the way welcome back to the crafting clutter jungle. I’ve been waiting here for you. I think folks like you and me long for a simple and well organized crafting space, yet oddly, we do our best work in a certain amount of chaos. Let’s just embrace it, Girlfriend!!!!!!!

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  7. That was so funny!! I loved it!! I see myself with the sales and starting projects. I have so many projects started…but I am slowly getting them all done. They are right, Pinterest has too many ideas. LOL!!


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