These Pencils are SQUARE! Brutfuner Colored Pencil Review

Hi friends! Today we are going to look at the 120 set of Brutfuner square colored pencils. These are taken the adult coloring book world by storm and I wondered how they would be in a fine art application. Let’s see!

I bought the 120 sets a couple of months ago and they are really awesome! They just released a set of 72 as well. Hopefully, Amazon can keep these in stock because they are a great price and awesome quality. They come in a 120 set (this is the one I reviewed) and a 72 set. *make sure to get the square Brutfuners, they also have round ones but I can’t vouch for those **This was the watercolor coloring book for the flower image.


  • Price unique square shape
  • smooth lead
  • blends well
  • layers well
  • works well with mineral spirits
  • beautiful color selection


  • no lightfast info
  • no open stock
  • may require a larger pencil sharpener or knife to sharpen. *I use the pencil sharpener that I sharpen my Derwent pencils with.

Bottom Line: these are the best budget-friendly pencils I have ever used. I hope they stick around! I hope this review is useful, remember the best supplies you can use are the ones you already have so always see if what you have works before buying something else (yes I know the irony here haha!) Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “These Pencils are SQUARE! Brutfuner Colored Pencil Review

  1. Do you have any idea if the Brutfuner round pencils are the same as their square ones. When looking at them on Amazon the 180 pencil set has round barrels and I just wondered before I purchase a set.

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    1. I don’t think they are the same from what other YouTubers who own both sets have said.


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