Arteza Everblend Marker Review Part 2: The Brush Markers

Hi friends! Yesterday I reviewed the new Arteza Everblend Ultra markers and compared them head to head with the old Everblends. In today’s Video we will look at the new Everblend brush markers.

You can see all of the ever blend sets on the Arteza Website (affiliate links) Some sets available on Amazon


  • Brush tip and chisel tip
  • Replaceable nibs (Brush nibs will be released in September)
  • Ink blends well Matches Everblend Ultra set colors (currently there are 36 colors available in the brush format, but they are unsure when they will release more colors)
  • Caps are easy to remove
  • Color names printed on marker barrel
  • The packaging is sturdy storage so you won’t need to buy an organization system.


  • Currently only 36 colors (as of 6/1/21) They are pricier than other budget-friendly markers but if the nibs are rubber that would justify it.

One other concern to note, maybe? I suspected the nib is a compressed fiber as opposed to a foam rubber (like copic) however the Arteza websites says they are a rubber brush nib. I compared these brush nibs with the other foam rubber style nib markers I own and they are stiffer than the other brands, most similar to Art-n-Fly. It is a bit more flexible than Ohuhu (fiber nib) but not as flexible as Copic (rubber nib) for reference. The reason I suspected that these might be fiber nibs is the stiffness of the nib and how it feels dryer and the tip gets lighter after some coloring. I have not experienced any fraying and the markers may become more flexible with use given that I compared them with markers I have been using for a while. Another nit I am going to pick is the fact that in the description on Arteza it says replacement nibs are included (mine did not have extra nibs) but the promotional photos on the website say “additional nibs not included” so I think it was probably a case of copy and pasting info from their acrylic markers which did come with additional nibs. I think it is a mistake. But if that mistake was made I wonder if they also might have made a mistake calling the nibs rubber knowing that artists prefer that kind of nib.

Bottom Line: These really blend nicely and you get a nice variety of colors in the tropical set. They have smaller 12 packs if you want to try them out with less of an investment as well. Keep in mind, if the sets run like the classic Everblend Ultras you will have duplicates in the smaller packs so you might want to wait for the large 144 sets to be released if you want to have all of the colors. If you are used to the Everblend Ultra color system and you want to add a brush marker to it I recommend them. Plus I love that you can just combine all of the inserts from the storage box to make a sturdy wall of markers if you like.

That’s all for today, Happy crafting!

*Affiliate links use in this post.

4 thoughts on “Arteza Everblend Marker Review Part 2: The Brush Markers

    1. I have them and like them very much. That said I have no idea if they have changed the formula since I got mine but my sets are wonderful.


  1. This is Elena again… I have another question. I watched your video yesterday on watercoloring an orchid. You stated that we could download a copy of it on Michael’s site… How can we watercolor an image from a computer??? Won’t the computer ink run??? I thought one had to use alcohol markers for that… I would be so delighted if you have a trick for this… I do not own alcohol markers and don’t really want to invest in some, even though there are tons of images and they are much cheaper than stamps…
    Can’t wait for your answer,
    Thanks, I love your videos!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can print out the pattern on copy paper and then use graphite paper or a lightbox to transfer it to your watercolor paper. I don’t recommend printing on watercolor paper as the ink will run and your printer will probably jam with the thick paper.


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