NEW Arteza Everblend Ultra Markers VS the old Everblends

Hi friends, today I have a much requested review and comparison. Arteza recently re-released their Everblend art markers with a new color numbering system to similar to Copic. In today’s video, I will compare the original Arteza Everblend markers to the new Everblend Ultra markers. I will be comparing the chisel/fine tip versions but Arteza has also recently released a brush and chisel version which I will be revewing tomorrow.

You can see all the marker sets here.


  • Colors numbering system is more logical
  • Color name and number on the barrel as well as caps
  • New storage box
  • There may be a marginal improvement in blending. I think the brush tips would show a greater improvement, see comparison in tomorrows video!

Bottom line: If you already have the old Everblend sets I wouldn’t replace them with these, but maybe the brush version. I have not tried them so I can’t vouch for the brush nib quality. If you have the old style I recommend cross-references the names and numbers and you can benefit from the new more logical color system although the new and old numbers are not an exact match by name.

Happy crafting!

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