More spools of thread (in more ways than one!)

Hi Friends! Thanks for the tips on dealing with slippery fabric yesterday. They really helped! Both dresses are hemmed and look pretty decent. I did a lot of practice hemming before I touched Lil’s dress as it was more slippery than Maizys and I could tell it would be more challenging to make it look polished. I really had my heart set on mastering a teeny rolled hem with my rolled hem pressure foot but the curve of the hem proved too challenging. I carefully trimmed the excess fabric and practiced on the entire length of the scrap (17 feet!) but I could not keep that darn fabric tucked in the cone of the foot unless it was a straight length of fabric. So I settled for a 1/4″ rolled hem and it looked fine. I’m telling you if I ever decide to make some handkerchiefs or dinner napkins I will use that rolled hem foot and they will be 1/8″ perfection! Speaking of sewing I drew spools for today’s video:

You might remember me showing you this artwork during my Holbein colored pencil review. It was a fairly quick piece (quicker than hemming a prom dress, that’s for sure!) Here is the time-lapse.

Here is the reference photo if you want it. I worked directly from the items but snapped a photo with my phone for you. I would recommend setting up your own still life if you have threads and buttons for the best results.

Supplies (affilate links used)

Spiking of quicker than prom dress hemming projects I decided to sew a new cover for Penny’s dog bed before I put my sewing machine away. Also I needed a quick win so in 10 minutes I whipped up this with some leftover décor fabric. I think it looks cute and sewing cotton after satin was a freaking breeze!

Penny likes it too. She had made some small holes in the fabric of her bed because the likes to aggressively fluff it up at night and her claws have poked through. I don’t know why companies use such flimsy materials for dog beds. This bed is a nice (expensive) orthopedic one so I really want it to last so I hope this does the trick. Plus I can wash the cover which is nice since I don’t think I could put the bed in the washing machine. I am glad I took my time with the dress projects. We are having a rainy holiday weekend in Maine so it was a good excuse to get it done. It probably wouldn’t have needed to take as long as it did but I was so worried about ruining the dresses which probably would have happened if I waited til last minute and had to rush given my lack of experience with satin. I’ll share photos next week after prom! Til next time happy crafting!

10 thoughts on “More spools of thread (in more ways than one!)

  1. Amazing Lindsay! Your drawing is so vibrant and…happy! Way to go on the dresses! I would have never taken that on but one thing for sure you are FEARLESS!

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  2. I love watching anything you put out – I love your passion for art and admire anything you do. For the past couple weeks I have been trying to sign up for the watercolor Glass class, but I have not been able to complete the required form!! I don’t know what I am doing incorrectly ? Could you help me ?


  3. Hi Lindsay,

    I look for “The frugal crafter” on YouTube everyday and so enjoy your tutorials. You are always smiling and bubbly even when you might have a little bump in the road (or a big bump). What an encouragement!

    Thank you for all you do for your audience. I appreciate you! Marsha


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  4. I love those old wooden spools! I only have one left, the others one I had I used for a toy for my children when they were babys … I pulled thick wool through the holes and made a kind of huge bracelet for them to rattle round with. If I had known wooden spools would become something rare and precious one day I would have used toilet paper rolls!
    Wooden spools remind me of my mother and grandmother sewing … it makes me feel like a kid just seeing them. You are so lucky to have a jar full of them! And in all colors, too! If there is something I’d wish “them” to produce again to replace plastic it would be those spools. I also used to wrap short lengths of ribbon around them and fasten the ends with pins or tape.
    I love the drawing, it made me wish I could sit down and draw the same motif. If the thread is too worn out you could surely use it for cards, couldn’t you? Although, I’d never want to risk those spools ending up empty, they look so pretty the way they are. One CAN re-spool them on the sewing machine with new thread but why bother?

    I can’t wait to see the prom dresses. I’d never dare to touch satin!

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