Oh, the crafty hoard… (clean & organize the craft storage room with me!)

Hi friends! I had been feeing a bit uncreative and blah and quite frankly annoyed with the current state of my crafty storage area (AKA the old craft room) so I decided it was time to go through all the drawers of random supplies, reorganize and most importantly label everything. Join me on this journey, will you? You can put this video on while you are cleaning up your craft space too! It’s better to tackle tough chores with a friend don’t you think?

I finished this project last Sunday night and it had been such a relief each day to walk in there and find, or put away supplies. I don’t think it was bad before but it is so much better now! My storage is handmade or castoffs from other parts of the house (or side of the road LOL!) Most of the products I use for organizing are from department stores (back to school time is a great time to shop for selection and price) as well as the Dollar Tree. Below I will list some of my favorite things I’ve used.

  • Iris carts are available in lots of different drawer sizes and combinations. I find the shallower drawers the most useful but I use some deep ones too. The casters can be removed for stacking too!
  • 9-cube units (I use these for my craft island table legs, you can also find ones with larger openings that will hold scrapbook papers)
  • I use hollow-core luan doors as tables, they were salvaged sliding closet doors.
  • I also use wire cubes, they can be rearranged infinitely and stored in a small space when not in use. These come in different sizes so check before ordering if you need them to be wider. Mine are i4″x14″ panels I think.
  • I also use a lot of recycled boxes and plastic square baskets from the dollar tree. Dollar tree storage is great and I recommend buying a bunch of the same color if you like it as they sell out fast. You can also order online and they will ship it to your local store for free if your store doesn’t have what you want. I just spotted these paper trays that are 12″x12.5″ that I think might be good for scrapbook paper.

I hope this inspires you to make the most out of the space you have and til next time happy crafting!

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6 thoughts on “Oh, the crafty hoard… (clean & organize the craft storage room with me!)

  1. I was already feeling guilty for not MAKING time to organize …… now, I’m exasperated !!!!!!

    Hope this gets me going!!! Shirley

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  2. WOW, I can’t believe you organized that whole room. I get spells where I try to organize more, but soon it’s a mess again. And I have a 30 foot room to work in. I try, butttt, Glad you did so well.

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  3. Not tedious at all. About a year after I completed my KonMari journey I had written a FB post called “How it takes 45 minutes to throw away ONE box”. LOL! I love when you start a project like this. First, I LOVE organization and I enjoy your organization videos. Most of all though, you are like a (I mean this in the most complimentary way) Honey Badger when you make up your mind to get dug into a project and you don’t stop until you are at a place you feel is “done enough” for you, while making use of every resource already available to you at that moment (i.e. the little tables, repurposing other storage…). I can TOTALLY relate to adorable overly helpful cute kitty help. She was CLEARLY annoyed you were not appreciating her helpfulness enough (I recognize that particular tail swish. They are such characters.) Moving the Scan n Cut, Genius! Filling the newly emptied drawer with soft pastel type mediums, Genius! It’s nice you found an out of the way place to store your re-inkers – I would probably forget where I put them though – LOL! Not only did you meet your objective of labeling things but you were able to make things more “user friendly” for you to access, which also looked tidier. With the bonus of finding even more items to de-clutter. The labels alone will save you time (it adds up). People can judge all they want but I don’t care how old you are – I think the REAL Mr. Sketch markers are just Classic. 😉

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  4. As if I didn’t already comment enough, I forgot to say, though I haven’t been “Arting” as long as you – about 4 months ago I cannibalized some partially used art journals/notebooks and I have been so happy I did. I had already tried to remedy what I didn’t like with gesso, glueing pages together, washi, things like that and it just didn’t work. I only liked a few of the pieces in them and the paper was nice – but I was avoiding them because of the stuff I didn’t like. So I tore them apart and put the pages or parts of pages I like in a box with my papers/scraps etc. and the unused nice paper I liked I trimmed to look like it was regular nice new paper (not ripped from a book (rounded the corners etc.) and put them with my loose papers: mixed media, watercolor, etc. Last week I pulled out one page I liked but felt I didn’t completely finish – after playing with it a little bit I realized I OVERWORKED it. Since it was only like my 3rd Mixed Media project I had ever done up to that project I didn’t know what I was doing, so it really couldn’t be salvaged. I decided I still liked my original “concept” and started to “re-create” it on a new salvaged page using my current experience. Pulled out another page – same thing – they were a originally a 2 page spread. Other pages I’m using on new pages kind of like elements of collage? I guess you’d call it. Taking what I liked and running with it. It’s more fun!! I highly recommend. – Plus – is there such a thing as too many journals/notebooks? I mean some are to use, some are to save….that’s how it works isn’t it? LOL!

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