Happy May Day! Sat Chat 5/1/21

Happy May Day friends! I remember as a kid in school we would make may baskets out of milk cartons, decorate them with crepe paper and fill them with candy and hang them on a neighbors door on May first. Did you ever do that? It’s fun to think about old traditions. Here is a may basket tutorial if you feel like making one! Now, on to this weeks Sat Chat! (FYI I post a sat chat on YouTube every Saturday on my YouTube channel but I don’t always post them on the blog.)

Here is a link to the free class I am teaching at Michaels and Here is the magazine I am published in, Craft Stash has a great price for a single issue.

In other news I went downstairs to tidy my craft area and remembered that I dropped my vintage Kenmore sewing machine on the tar driveway a month ago and it wasn’t working right so I took the whole thing apart, cleaned and oiled it, poked and prodded and by some technical miracle it it working again! They certainly don’t make them like they used to! Other than a crack in the foot pedal and the base plate under the machine it seems to be OK. The feed dogs were not moving the fabric forward but they did go up and down and they moved the fabric backwards when I pressed the reverse lever but they would not go for regular sewing. I think a spring was stuck because I kept turning dies and the flywheel and flicking the feed dog lever and eventually the feed dogs started oscillating normally. I think something just got knocked out of whack and it got a chance to right itself and it sure needed a good cleaning. I’m so glad it is working again as my daughter Lila has been using my more modern White sewing machine since the start of the pandemic and I think that sewing is a nice hobby for a person to have. Did you break or fix anything this weekend? Happy crafting!

One thought on “Happy May Day! Sat Chat 5/1/21

  1. My toaster oven stopped working today for no reason at all and I’m really bummed, I guess I may as well take it apart and jiggle things around inside but really I’d rather buy a new one and do art instead. I fixed my coffee maker I thought had died by banging it around, I think it helped loosen the hard water gunk that was plugging it up


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