Look what came in the mail!!!

Hi friends! Looks what came in the mail!

I was featured in Simply Cards and Papercraft magazine! They did a whole article!

It’s been a while since I have submitted anything for publication since many of the American craft magazines have dried up over the years so when this British magazine reached out I was thrilled!

The magazine is available in a print version or a digital subscription version on Amazon but the cool thing about a print version is that you get stamps and dies with it! Usually craft stores like Joanns and Michaels sell this magazine as well as big bookstores. It’s issue 216 if you are looking for it. Look at the cute stamps and dies you get. I found it on Craft Stash for a few dollars less that my local bookstores sell it for too!

That’s all for today, I just wanted to share my excitement! Happy crafting!

44 thoughts on “Look what came in the mail!!!

  1. I really appreciate how hard you work. You deserve more recognition than you get. I always learn things from your videos and I am encouraged to try new things, either techniques or products or sometimes it is just a little tip. I watch some of your videos EVERY day! You are so upbeat and encouraging. I have really needed that during this year of the pandemic. One day I hope to meet you at a stamp show at the Big E in West Springfield. I live in Springfield. Thank you so much. Pat Jones
    P.S. I’m primarily a watercolor artist.

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  2. Wow! That’s fabulous! Such a beautiful spread!
    You look absolutely gorgeous and your girls too!!!
    Congratulations! You deserve this and so much more!
    I’m going to go look for a copy at my local Joanne’s today!

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  3. How exciting and you certainly need to be featured in all magazines that are crafty. I haven’t been in Joann’s since covid hit, but might have to check it out. I assume it’s on sale now? Don’t want digital. Wish there was another way to get it. Bask in the glory. You deserve it!!

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  4. I’m at a book store and decided to check my email. Saw this CONGRATULATIONS.
    Wish they had it here. They have issue 215 so I’m assuming yours is issue 216. I will definitely check back. I love the UK crafting mags because of the stamps and dies.

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  5. Congratulations on being interviewed and in the magazine, you deserve accolades! I look forward to your projects, mostly I do water color, colored pencil, pen& ink. My favorites are the Derwent inkennse colored pencils and blocks and their new paint pallets, just love playing with the colors. Best part is they are so portable! Thank you Lindsay for all you do and inspire!

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  6. Dear Lindsay,

    So excited for you. Pretty cool coverage. I love that they choose you, a real crafter. Bet your family is so proud of you.

    Congrats, Dena Heck

    Sent from my iPad


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  7. Hi Lindsay,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are a wonderful crafter/artist and I learn so much from you; THANK YOU!!!
    To you and your family, take care and stay well.
    God bless.

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  8. Lindsay, This is on another topic but I hope you can help me. Some time back I enrolled in your Loose Flowers course. However, I can no longer accessit. I see where it says ‘login’ and I had done that, but I cannot open the course. Can you help, please? I am rothenbacherc@gmail.com Carol Rothenbacher
    Many thanks. CR


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