If you need me I’ll be in my blanket fort coloring…

Hi friends! Have you ever wished you could be a kid again? This week I decided to grab some kids crayons and see what they can do!

Watch the video to see how it went and feel free to grab a box of crayons and join me!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

PS I am going to try and do a livestream tomorrow, most likely early afternoon but I will try to notify on social media. I will be sure to post a replay here but subscribe to me on YouTube or Instagram if you want a heads up before I go live. I have switched to livestreaming on my phone because it works better but I can schedule it that way (I don’t think anyway LOL!)

Happy crafting (and coloring!)

2 thoughts on “If you need me I’ll be in my blanket fort coloring…

  1. I work in the dementia ward at work. We have had a few days where I snag a few color pages, and pull out crayons. It’s one of those activities we do when I can tell that they’re not fully there.

    Gives us a chance to do something creative, and go at our own pace (one of my ladies spent 8 hours on her page, she’s nonverbal and I wasn’t expecting the gorgeous picture almost looked like a painting)


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