Sat Chat Time!

It was a busy week! Hear all about it!


Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “Sat Chat Time!

  1. I would love to comment  but it requires a Google account and I won’t have one.  Google spies on you.  Anyway, I wanted to comment on live tutorials.  I don’t particularly like them.  One they are frequently very long, a hour or more.  And two, I really don’t feel the need to comment and don’t care that a lot of the time is devoted to chatting with viewers.  Just a personal preference.  I love your tutorials and watch nearly every one. I love your enthusiasm and of course your abilities.  I have learned a lot from watching your tutorials.  Thanks for doing them.


  2. I’m not really into live streams. I don’t like forcing my self to have to remember to stop what I’m doing to watch. Since I’m retired I tend to loose track of my schedule unless I have a doctors appointment of something like that. Then I have to put sticky notes on the bathroom mirror to remember to do it. Lol I tend to be a night owl and watch videos at night with the head phones on so as not wake my husband. Obviously you won’t be doing a live stream late at night.


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