Podcast: Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning Your Creative Space!

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Hi Friends! It’s that time of year again when we dust off the cobwebs and make everything nice and fresh. How is your craft room or art studio looking? Need some help? Here are some steps to help you get control of the clutter and make a functional creative space.

  • Throw out/recycle any trash such as dried up paint and glue, unusable scraps, packaging
  • Donate things you no longer like (schools, senior centers, scout troops, daycares or thrift shops will gladly take them off your hands)
  • Determine if you have too much of something. If you can’t use it up before it goes bad donate it.
  • Sometimes we have things from a past season of life that we will not return to. It’s OK to let those supplies go.
  • If you are in doubt if you will use the supplies again ask yourself if it would be a burden to rebuy the supplies. If you used to knit and crochet but haven’t in a while and don’t plan to anytime soon but still enjoy it you can get rid of the yearn that takes up a lot of space but keep the needles, hooks and tools so when you are in the mood again you can pick a pattern and purchase the yarn you will need (Let’s face it, you would probably have to do that anyway as having the yarn you want in the quantity you need is unlikely)
  • Asses if the supplies you are keeping are worth “rent” in the space they are stored. I read a book called “Goodbye Things” and the author said “Your stuff is a roommate who doesn’t pay rent.” and that really put things in perspective for letting go of the things I didn’t like but felt wasteful getting rid of.
  • If you like it, keep it! I’m not the boss of you. If it gives you comfort to have it and it’s not bothering anyone then go ahead and keep it. Or as Marie Kondo would ask: Does it spark joy? You can keep or get rid of any of your things at any time so don’t think your space needs to look like anyone else’s. You do you!

4 years ago I did a complete Konmari overall of my craft space and you can see photos and watch the video here. I hope that helps you if your space is overwhelming. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Listen to the Podcast of this topic here!

6 thoughts on “Podcast: Let’s Talk About Spring Cleaning Your Creative Space!

  1. World’s worst purger here! But I try, and I am taking baby steps. First step was easy — buy no more! With virus time no trips to Michael’s! Online shopping kept me buying a few things, but I find I stop and think more about those purchases than I would when surrounded by goodies in a store. Have only purchased a few dies.
    Next is using what I have, which goes along with not buying. I like to pull a small stack of related colors/patterns from my stash and then make a variety of cards from that stack until it is used up or at least used enough to toss any scraps smaller than a half sheet.
    Also from time to time I tell myself I’m “grounded” — no more card making until you clean up your room, haha! As you said, we’re not all the same and while Marie K would not be proud of my efforts, I am!


  2. Your craft “rum” is even prettier zoomed out. Thanks for showing it off. Hope you do a video to correspond with the podcast.


  3. I grew up with the idea that you make use of everything and don’t throw things away because one day you might need it. But that concept is causing my studio to once again explode so I have to sort out what I do and don’t need. Thanks for sparking that organizational motivation!


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