Derwent Inktense Pan Studio Set Review

Hi friends! I was super excited to see that Derwent added 9 new colors to the Inktense range in their new paint pan sets! Let’s take a deep dive into the paint pan range in this review. This paint set was provided to me by Derwent with no expectation of a review. *Affiliate links to Blick used in this post. You can find all of the Inketense Paint Pan sets and refills here for 35% off retail.

Overview: The Derwent Inktense paint pans feature the same formulation as the Inktense pencils and blocks but in a convenient half pan. They are available in 2* sets of 12 colors or in a set of 24 comprising all of the colors. Open stock is available and the standard half pan size will fit standard watercolor tins should you want to add a couple of colors to your watercolor palette. These are not watercolors, they are water-soluble ink that claims to be permanent (insoluble) when dry but you can use them as you would a watercolor. *Note, Blick shows 3 different sets of 12 and one set of 24. The Derwent site shows set #1 and se2 #2 of 12 colors each and a set of 24.


  • Price (half or less of what a professional watercolor set costs)
  • Good color selection
  • Layers well
  • Permanent on fabric
  • Lightfast info available: 22 colors are #8 (very lightfast) on blue wool scale with Fuschia a #6 and Cherry a #4. See ratings here.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Open Stock available


  • I did have some lifting on watercolor paper even with very diluted paint.
  • The white plastic palette will stain

Overall I recommend these for artists. I think they would be very nice for quilters and fiber artists wanting to design custom fabric. These would be a nice addition to a set of Inktense pencils but might be a bit redundant if you already have the blocks. I love that they picked mostly lightfast colors for this set. I did double check that these were permanent on fabric like the rest of the range and they are. I can’t wait to paint some cloth masks with these. I’ll share a tutorial when I do. Til then Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Derwent Inktense Pan Studio Set Review

  1. This is a “Duh” question but if they are permanent dry, what happens to the ink in the pan when it dries after use? How can you reset it if it has dried?


    1. I think because it needs to bond with a porous surface-like paper or fabric, it won’t be permanent on plastic, glass or itself. It’s not like acrylic ink, more like a fabric dye in use.


  2. I do not remember if you said that the pans reconstitute well with water. I am a bit baffled with how these paints can reconstitute but not lift when painted over.

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    1. I think the dye particles absorb into the fibers vs sitting on the surface like a palette or pan. It’s a mystery for sure:)


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