First Impressions VS In Depth Reviews? It’s Sat Chat time!

Hi friends! I hope your Saturday is going well. I decided I needed to pull everything out from under the bathroom and kitchen skinks today and organize it. It’s a great feeling to have it done but when you close the cabinets you can’t even tell. I think I need to declutter something more visible, maybe the counters? They have been getting a bit out of control lately so I think I will. I did manage to clean and vacuum all the glitter up from my studio after filming Sat Chat so that’s going to be a nice feeling when I go in there Monday morning. Speaking of Sat Chat, here it is!

Stuff I mentioned:

I hope you are having an awesome weekend whether it is lazy or productive, enjoy it! Happy crafting!

One thought on “First Impressions VS In Depth Reviews? It’s Sat Chat time!

  1. After your dollar tree buys, I stopped at ours to check it out. They had a few of the things you showed and bought a few things. Mostly for 2 young boys I make for. But will try them. You talked about kitchen cleaning. I did some too. Just 1 drawer, and organized it with new dividers and 1 shelf. At this speed will take until next year to finish as have a big kitchen. Keep up your good chats.


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