Don’t Get Too Excited, These Markers Are Sold Out (Arrtx Oros Alcohol Brush Marker Review)

Hi friends, these markers were released yesterday and already the assorted 80 set is sold out although you can still order them and take advantage of the $7 off coupon through next Monday (March 1st) I believe. These markers were sent to me for free to review from Arrtx a few weeks ago and always you have my honest assessment on the quality and how they preform. Affiliate links are used in this post. Check out the video for a look at the markers and a demo and below I will have a breakdown of these markers.

Overview: The new Arrtx Oros alcohol markers have the same color selection and marker body (except they are grey rather than white) as the Arrtx Alp markers, but instead of a bullet/chisel nib they have a brush/chisel nib. Currently they are offering the 80a assorted set and the 36 skin tone set. Each set comes with gridded marker stands that will display your markers and keep them in order as well as a carry bag. Currently, they are available in the 80a assorted color range and the 36 skin tone range but they will eventually come out with all of the colors in the Arrtx Apl Range in the Oros format. My contact at Arrtx says they will either offer open stock markers or replacement nibs/ink refills in the future!

Want more info on the Alp Markers? Here is my review of the 80a set with lots of color blend combos and Here is my review on the 36 skin and 24 grey set. Here is my overview of all the Alp sets and their configurations. *Arrtx Alp markers feature bullet/chisel nibs as opposed to the new Oros which have brush/chisel nibs.


  • Price (around $1 per marker)
  • Nice color selection (My contact said they are planning to offer another skintone selection with darker colors in the future too)
  • Good ink flow
  • Blends well with little effort
  • Includes sturdy, reusable storage and display
  • Includes swatch sheet
  • Colors will appear lighter on this paper than other paper I have, it responds in tone like their marker pad which is very affordable, your colors will look lighter on it so if you like a pastel aesthetic give it a try.
  • Reversible nibs (if a brush nib starts to fray, pull it out and reinsert it backwards)
  • High-quality matte plastic marker body. Comfortable to hold and non-roll
  • I found the caps easy to remove and replace.


  • Color chips on caps are not accurate, you should swatch on the paper you usually use
  • The bag for the 80 set is really tight and hard to access the markers when the grid is in there. I wish they had the extended zipper on the big case like they did for the small one to make it easy to access
  • Fiber nibs
  • Markers are juicy and can release droplets of ink when uncapped so do not open over your work (brush nib)

Bottom line: I like these markers and I think they are a good value. They feel like a quality product when you are using them. The 80 set is a good all-around selection for everyday use. The 80 colors set follows the Shinhan and Art-n-Fly color system so you can get refill inks and nibs there if needed. The Skintone set seems to follow the Copic colors system by color name (names are on the swatch so do not throw that paper away) so you can purchase refills that way until Arrtx comes out with their own. If you already have the original Arrtx Alp markers and would prefer a brush nib to a chisel nib you can pull out the chisel end and insert a brush nib. The Altenew nibs will fit (they use the same bodies) and they are a foam rubber nib that I prefer. *Keep in mind the nibs are $2 each and the Oros markers are only about $1 each.

As long as there are markers left unreviewed in this world I shall not rest LOL! Happy crafting!

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