Let’s make custom stickers using supplies you probably have!

Hi friends! As you might know I love making my own embellishments (of course remembering to use them is another thing and we won’t get into that LOL!) and today I’m going to share some really cute and easy ones. Best of all you probably have everything you need already!

I made these stickers and die cuts using label/frame stamps, botanical and butterfly stamps, ink sticker paper and cardstock. My sticker paper is actually white full sheet labels you can find at any office supply store. Just use cardstock if you don’t have that, it is just as cute and only needs a bit of glue when you use them, also you have all of your cardstock colors to work with. Watch the video for a step by step demo with lots of tips!

Supplies (affiliate links used)

  • Label stamps The ones I have sold out but these are great too! Use coupon code LINDSAYWEIRICH to save 12% at TopFlight Stamps.
  • Pretty stamps you love for the insides of the labels
  • Black and Red ink (I recommend Ranger Archival or Versafine Clair)
  • Post it tape or masking paper *post it notes can be used too
  • Scissors or a scan n cut machine (I have a scan n cut 2 model CM350) These are easy to cut out tho so scissors are totally fine.

I hope you give this a try and knock the dust off of those old stamps!

4 thoughts on “Let’s make custom stickers using supplies you probably have!

  1. I like the beautiful images on these and other stickers, but I don’t know how to use them so they don’t look like I just stuck them on. Please make a tutorial using these stickers.

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