So, the Dollar Tree is Upping Their Craft Game (Sat Chat 2/20/21)

Hi friends, I had a chance to pop in to 3 of my local Dollar Trees this week and I have to say they are courting the crafters! I will be testing out the product I bought (and share in this haul) and bring you some tutorials with them on my blog and YouTube. Keep in mind, just like any “deal” art supplies are only a bargain if they work and you actually use them.

Now, before you rush out to your local Dollar Tree keep in mind all stores carry different stuff. You can order some things from their website however you may have to buy a large amount and not everything I found was on there. I am hoping they are trying to get more things to stores first before stocking the website. I tried the dies and they cut great. The stamps are the cheap silicone kind but I have stamped out 2 of the 3 sets already with no problems, although I recommend washing them first to remove any factory grease and using pigment ink. I’ll post a video using the watercolors later this week so you might want to hold off on buying them until you see that video. Luckily every store I went to stocks that so you should be able to find it if you want it after seeing the quality.

That’s all for today! Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “So, the Dollar Tree is Upping Their Craft Game (Sat Chat 2/20/21)

  1. Great video… watched to the end and went “yeah!” when you mentioned that you bought white masks (at Walmart, I believe), and that you would video a tutorial on painting them with Derwent. I loved the mask you did awhile back, so I’m excited to see it. Thanks!


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