Sat Chat! Happy Valentines Weekend!

Hi Friends! Welcome back to the weekly show about nothing…

Yes, I realize that my face was out of focus at parts during the video but it’s smoothing out my wrinkles so I’m OK with it.

Stuff I mentioned in the video (that my mid-40 brain can remember LOL!)

I hope you have a great weekend! Happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Sat Chat! Happy Valentines Weekend!

  1. I loved the Sat Chat today, as I do every week, Your videos give us fans a weekly dose of you kindness, insights and inspirations! Love to see a video of the Altenew Watercolor Coloring Book–I just bought one!


  2. I can’t wait! The Loose florals class is my goal. I need to contact you about Critque Club. My credit card got hacked and it has been a situation I thought was under control…nope. I want to re-sign up for cc and florals but have to wait until new credit card arrives. Hopefully before the20th to get the Love $40. discountHappy Heart day.


    1. Hi La Jeanne,
      Sorry for the delay. My email is and that is the best way to reach me. How upsetting about your card. No worries you can re-enroll in critique club whenever, there is no penalty, things like that happen. If you missed the sale due to this issue please let me know via email and I can make you a custom coupon code. Have a nice night:)


  3. I love your painting and card projects! I’m into watercolor currently, but am also getting interested in card making – your style! However, I have nothing on hand and I am not sure where to start! What essentials do I need to start making cards? thank you.


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