Valentine’s Sale! 40% off ALL Full Courses!

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in and let you know I am having a Valentine’s Sale on all my Self Paced, Lifetime Access, Full Courses in my Teachable School! Use the coupon LOVE40 at checkout or click on any of the class thumbnails below to have the discount automatically added!

I hope some fun art making will help you break through the dreary days of winter with some amazingly colorful creations. Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Sale! 40% off ALL Full Courses!

  1. Lindsay, I love your tutorials and product reviews, especially the watercolor ones ( it’s the only medium I use/work in ) but your mispronouncing of the color sepia is driving me CRAZY! It’s pronounced SEEpia…not like a septic tank.


  2. Lindsey, many times from almost a year ago, You have helped me learn, find the fun and accept my work when it was not the best. Your honest and often cheery attitude have been a blessing. I live alone and my children are often busy but you are always there. I only watercolor but I love watching your card making.

    Betty Rogers

    Little Rock, Ark.


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