Use those beautiful napkins and tissue paper on your cards! Here’s how!

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you how to easy decoupage napkins on cardstock to make beautiful backgrounds using supplies you probably already have.

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I brushed some white acrylic paint over the napkin background to tone down the pattern a bit. This is also a nice way to help a napkin match a project. Butterfly stamp and saying is from Hero Arts, washi postage from Knaid and ticket tutorial is here.

Watch the easy step by step video to see how!

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

  • Pretty paper napkins or tissue (dollar store are a good source for this or start collecting them at parties!)
  • Matte mod podge or white glue, thinned with water if needed.
  • 1″ flat paintbrush
  • Cardstock or something to decopauge your napkin too. It should be light in color as the surface will show through
  • Waxed paper or a clean non stick craft sheet.

Now, wasn’t that easy? You can save pretty gift wrap tissue and unused printed napkins to have plenty of supplies on hand the next time you want make a pretty decoupaged background. Happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Use those beautiful napkins and tissue paper on your cards! Here’s how!

  1. I use PPA when attaching a single layer of a napkin. It is a great product. It is also used over the mall in and always remains clear after drying.


  2. I love this idea and I have these napkins. I tried the ironing method that’s on YouTube but it did not work for me. I’ll definitely try this. Glad you mentioned the tissue idea as well. I’ve been in love with ModPodge since my college days of decoupaging. Thanks, Lindsay!


  3. Always love your videos & loved today’s napkin with mod podge. Great idea about keeping it in a wide mouth jar. Thank you for sharing your tips & creativity 💗


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