Comparing Watercolor Crayons & Similar Products, Let’s See What’s Good!

Hi friends! As I shuffle through my belongings at the start of the year and put things where they should be I thought it would be fun to compare the different types of the same product and see what’s the best value for money given the experience I have had with them. I have often taken watercolor crayons and watercolor oil pastels to workshops and classes and I have amassed a variety over the years. I am a sucker for water soluble media and I love trying the different products that come out. I also love finding cheap versions of pricey supplies that seem identical and sharing the info with you

Most of the product in the video are still available and I have added affiliate links if possible. I will make note of my faves as well below!

  • My absolute favorite is Caran Dache Neocolor 2 watercolor crayons. They are like gouache in a stick form and they have stood the test of time as my favorite. These are opaque and fairly firm but not as hard as a watercolor pencil.
  • *** A runner up that is cheaper but almost as good is the LYRA watercolor crayon. I think they are 90% as good as Caran Dache and about $1 per crayon. (Brief aside: Guess what I came across today? My LYRA crayons! I was so happy to find them. They were hiding behind my spray inks with my Dina Wakely scribble sticks LOL! See why it’s important to pull everything out!)
  • A nice transparent crayon is the American Journey Watercolor sticks.

The following products are softer, like lipstick, and are more like oil pastels than crayons.

The following products come in plastic casings which is a negative if you don’t want plastic waste but can be a positive if you like to store or transport all of your stuff loose in a bin or bag.

I hope you found this helpful. There are so many similar products out there nowadays and I hope this series of comparing different brands is helpful. Together we will explore and see what’s good! Til next time happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “Comparing Watercolor Crayons & Similar Products, Let’s See What’s Good!

  1. I’ve never used watercolor crayons before, I have a very old set it found at an estate sale, I tried to use them, they are so hard. I’ll try and see how to use them.

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  2. Just a correction. The US Artquest are listed wrong. They are US Art Supply. They are very different companies. I live near USArtquest; wonderful company!

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