Learn to Paint a Bokeh Effect in Watercolor (Hanukkah card)

Hi friends! I had a couple requests to come up with a Hanukkah card this year. I realize that the festival of lights has already begun but I wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Hanukkah a very happy one!

I also through it would be fun to see if I could get a bokeh effect in watercolor and I am pretty happy with how it turned out. Learn how in today’s video!


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Happy crafting!

Does Grocery Shopping Make You Want to Paint?

Hi friends! When I was at the grocery store the other day I picked up a fresh pomegranate. My girls love them to eat and I love them to paint!

Excuse the glare, the paint is still wet LOL!

You can find the real-time version of this tutorial in Critique Club or enjoy the time lapse below.

The supplies I used are in my Water-mixable Oil Paint signature set available at Jerry’s Artarama! I hope you have an awesome week and til next time happy crafting!

No Scurvy Dogs Here! Sat Cat 12/12/2020

Yup, it’s Saturday.

Stuff I mentioned:

Well, I still managed to ramble on for 27 minutes. How’s your weekend going? I managed to mail out my Christmas cards and that is a win! Happy crafting!

Feeling Stressed? Paint a Zen Branch with Leaves & Berries!

Hi friends, Looking for some chill-out time? Here you go! An easy and relaxing branch with leaves and berries to paint in watercolor.

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In other news my signature sets are back in stock at Jerry’s Artarama. **I used paints from my Turner Signature set on today’s painting.

Colors used:

  • Quin Magenta
  • Perm. Scarlet Perm. Gamboge
  • Pthalo Green
  • Turquoise
  • Burnt Umber
  • Reference photo
  • You only need 1 round brush, any size on the #8-#12 range with a good point.

I wasn’t sure if I like the painting better the way I painted it or turned on it’s side. What do you think?

Happy crafting!

Free Live Craft Along at 2pm ET today!

Hi friends! I just wanted to pop in really quick and let you know about the free craft along I am hosting at Craft World today at 2pm Eastern Time. We will make gift bags, Cards and a small wreath frame.

You can watch live on the CraftStash Facebook page or on Craftworld. Hope to see you there! Happy Crafting!

So, You think You Want Alcohol Markers? Join me for this live chat!

Hi friends! It’s that time of year when all my friends with teens call me up and say “My kid want’s Copic Markers for Christmas and they are so freaking expensive, what do I buy!?!” Folks, I get it. Copics are pricey and depending on the artist they might not be the best choice especially if your budget can only afford a small pack. I’m talking the choice between a 6 pack of Copics and a 60 pack of Ohuhus. Maybe someone already has an extensive Copic collection and wants a few specific colors, in that case go for Copics but if someone is just starting out and wants a collection to get started there are other option that a probably a better fit. Don’t fear friends, I will share my pics that will keep your wallet and your teen happy. This will also be a valuable resource for anyone wanting some alcohol based markers. I am premiering this video at 12:15pm Eastern Time today and I will be in the chat for the hour long presentation if you have any questions. Or if you just want to geek out over markers you are welcome! We are gonna have a good time! You will need to watch over on the YouTube watch page at 12:15pm ET today to chat live tho. The more the merrier!

Here is a list of the markers I am reviewing in order of appearance. I will share a spreadsheet soon! A * indicates my top recommendations (quality/value) but all of the markers shown are good and I really could hand out more stars but I wanted to simplify a bit, it just depends on what you want, budget and availability when purchasing. Remember that all of these markers are alcohol based and will work well with each other (I mix brands all the time!) so if a brand offers open stock you can always purchase some singles from several brands before committing to a set, or add a shade or two if the set you have is lacking in some areas.

Alcohol Brush Markers

Specialty/Novelty Markers

Chisel/Bullet Tip Versions (al the markers listed below are very similar in quality and usability)

Here is a scan of my chicken scratch spreadsheet I used in the video. I am working on typing up a real spreadsheet with links to reviews but this will have to do for now LOL!

Keepin’ it real friends…

A couple of things… I refer to average prices people typically pay online, not MSRP so if you are going into a big box art store like Michaels, Joann or Hobby Lobby you will want to bring a coupon as their regular prices are outrageous if they even have the sets you want. Also, I have reviews of most of these markers on my blog (use the search box in the upper right hand corner) and YouTube channel if you want to do more research. Open stock means you can buy markers one at a time. Affiliate links are used at no cost to you. Happy crafting!

Brush Markers VS Bullet/Chisel Markers

Hi friends, today we are going to compare alcohol based brush markers to bullet/chisel markers by drawing an iridescent beetle. I’ll draw one half with brush markers and the other half with chisel/bullet markers.

Good brush markers are really a treat to work with but they typically cost more due to the price of the nibs but no matter what kind of markers you have you can get enjoyment and success using the techniques I’ll share in today’s video!

Supplies (Video sponsored by Bianyo, affiliate links used)

What’s the differnce?

Brush markers have flexible tips for more nuanced strokes and color control so you can get more line and color variation per marker. Most brush markers have a chisel tip at the other end (like Bianyo) but some brands offer a bullet tip. The downside to brush markers is the price as the brush nibs are more expensive to produce, Bianyo is running some good deals currently bring the price per marker under $1 in sets.

Chisel/bullet tip markers are another option. They contain the same ink as their brush counterparts but you often need more shades of a color to get good blending as you can’t vary the pressure on the hard tips. These markers take more practice but you can get the same results. The big plus is the price, at around .50 cents a marker in sets.

I spent today comparing nearly 30 brands of alcohol markers and am working on a comparison spreadsheet and video about each brand and style I have that are currently available on the market. Look for that video in a day or two. Til then, Happy crafting!

Let’s Try This Again (Day Late Sat Chat Redo!)

Hi friends! Sorry for the misfire for all of you that follow my blog via email. I hit a button and out it went after only posting a title. Honestly, that’s about par for the course this week.

Stuff I mentioned:

That’s all folks! Happy crafting!

Santa Card in Gouache-Paint with me!

Hi friends, how’s it going? Do you need to relax and unwind? Me too, let’s paint!

You can download the traceable pattern for this here. Want more Holiday Greeting cards? Check out my class Hand-painted Holiday and save $10. *Use coupon code JOY2020 if the discount does not appear, Regular price $39, With discount $29. Offer good through December 2020

Supplies (Affiliate links used)

I’ll be cleaning and decorating the inside of the house for Christmas this weekend, how abut you? Happy crafting!