Sat Chat on a Wednesday, prefect way to end this weird year!

Hi friends! Isn’t the week between Christmas kind of like being in a time warp? Actually I have kinda felt time-warpy all year. Here’s to 2021, am I right? Here is the last Sat Chat of the year!

Stuff I mentioned:

  • OMG! I just ordered the Derwent lightfast 72 set, the price went way down on Amazon so I snagged one but now the price went up so I recommend Blick because they currently have the best price if you want to try a set.
  • I mentioned elaborating on my thought of the craft/cardmaking industry but you know, I don’t think my stance has changed from this video 2 years ago. However that video really didn’t talk much about being on design teams and many viewers were curious about that aspect so I made a new video on that and you can watch that video here.
  • The tutorial for my watercolor/colored pencil portrait is up in Critique Club *This is a 2 hour narrated lesson. You also have access to 48 long, intermediate/advanced real-time painting projects when you join. Critique club is $5/month and you can cancel anytime. You can even upload up to 2 projects per month for an in-depth critique from me if you wish:) The timelapse was posted on my blog the other day for all to enjoy:)

Well that’s all for today! I’ll be back with another sat chat in 2021 (as long as people are still interested in them) and other crafty goodness until then. Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Sat Chat on a Wednesday, prefect way to end this weird year!

  1. email even fair to you? I’m a long time fan & feel as though I know you. I have the advantage here. We have a lot in common, however i’m older & you are the Wonder Woman of arts I can only try to emulate.
    During this quarantine I took the time to paint & organize. A friend suggested I write a children’s book. I sat & wrote. I sketched along side of it
    for visual clues of what i want to convey.
    I have NO idea if/how to get it off the ground.
    The world changes so quickly & it could be passΓ© by the time i get the research done.
    Do you have any advise? I’m open to any & all
    Love & Hugs and a whole lot of applause!



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