So, You think You Want Alcohol Markers? Join me for this live chat!

Hi friends! It’s that time of year when all my friends with teens call me up and say “My kid want’s Copic Markers for Christmas and they are so freaking expensive, what do I buy!?!” Folks, I get it. Copics are pricey and depending on the artist they might not be the best choice especially if your budget can only afford a small pack. I’m talking the choice between a 6 pack of Copics and a 60 pack of Ohuhus. Maybe someone already has an extensive Copic collection and wants a few specific colors, in that case go for Copics but if someone is just starting out and wants a collection to get started there are other option that a probably a better fit. Don’t fear friends, I will share my pics that will keep your wallet and your teen happy. This will also be a valuable resource for anyone wanting some alcohol based markers. I am premiering this video at 12:15pm Eastern Time today and I will be in the chat for the hour long presentation if you have any questions. Or if you just want to geek out over markers you are welcome! We are gonna have a good time! You will need to watch over on the YouTube watch page at 12:15pm ET today to chat live tho. The more the merrier!

Here is a list of the markers I am reviewing in order of appearance. I will share a spreadsheet soon! A * indicates my top recommendations (quality/value) but all of the markers shown are good and I really could hand out more stars but I wanted to simplify a bit, it just depends on what you want, budget and availability when purchasing. Remember that all of these markers are alcohol based and will work well with each other (I mix brands all the time!) so if a brand offers open stock you can always purchase some singles from several brands before committing to a set, or add a shade or two if the set you have is lacking in some areas.

Alcohol Brush Markers

Specialty/Novelty Markers

Chisel/Bullet Tip Versions (al the markers listed below are very similar in quality and usability)

Here is a scan of my chicken scratch spreadsheet I used in the video. I am working on typing up a real spreadsheet with links to reviews but this will have to do for now LOL!

Keepin’ it real friends…

A couple of things… I refer to average prices people typically pay online, not MSRP so if you are going into a big box art store like Michaels, Joann or Hobby Lobby you will want to bring a coupon as their regular prices are outrageous if they even have the sets you want. Also, I have reviews of most of these markers on my blog (use the search box in the upper right hand corner) and YouTube channel if you want to do more research. Open stock means you can buy markers one at a time. Affiliate links are used at no cost to you. Happy crafting!

Tell me what YOU think!

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