I need your advice! Sat Chat 11/7/2020

Hi friends! I hope you are having a lovely start to your weekend. It was so oddly warm this morning that I didn’t even need to wear a coat when I walked the dog. I am going to take advantage of this beautiful weather because we have a long day winter ahead. In today’s sat chat I have a question about how to edit a colored pencil and watercolor pencil painting so if you have an idea please let me know and also I am wondering if I should buy a new electric tea kettle.

Stuff from the video:

I hope you have a lovely weekend and til next time happy crafting!

8 Responses

  1. Lindsay, 1) Can you do a tutorial on an easy holiday card? This is the perfect year to put more energy and thought into our greetings — we need more connection with friends, family, and neighbors. 2) Yes, you should get a new electric tea kettle. We love ours, has performed very well (Mueller).

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  2. Dear Lindsay,

    1. Always wanted to ask how your name came about. I’ve never heard your name before I virtually met you through Utube. Is it an East Coast Name? Just curious hope you’ll talk about it in your Sat Chat. Sorry just being nosey. Pretty name.

    2. I rarely drink tea, but love my electric pot. We traveled to New Zealand 20 years ago & every hotel had one in each room along with a coffee Press. I use mine for tea, hot chocolate, for hot water for bullion, jello, lots of things—instant soups (top ramon). Yes I have a microwave, but it gets the cups too hot to hold. YES, You should buy a new one.

    3. Thanks for the tutorial on the earings. Think it would be cute for xmas gifts.

    We just had our 1st rain. (Since April) 1/10th of inch if that, but our temps went from 75-80 down to 35-45. Snow possible at 4,000 ft. Which is my elevation. Our humidity is low year round. Today humidity is 62 outside & 8 inside. Today is Sunny with clouds, some very dark (snow clouds) and it’s currently 44° no rain or snow yet. I live 3000 miles from you in a small mountain town population 6,O00 (spreadout) 20 miles long. I think our Highschool has a class of 150 seniors. So many stories you tell of small town are similiar. Look me up on your mapping sometime we are probably on same latitude or is it longitude? ( cant remember). I live in Foresthill, Ca 95631. Nearest big City is Auburn, Ca. Our County, Placer County, is very large in square footage & covers some of Lake Tahoe. Our entire County has 4400 confirmed cases of Covid. We have 59 deaths & currently have 23 people in hospital 2 in ICU. I enjoy you do much and have few idea requests for videos, but I’ll wait a couple weeks (til you get thru your rush classes).

    I loved your 2 hour paint palletts, brands, etc. triggered my ideas for videos.

    Sorry I cant help with the “pencils” Edit approach, not my thing.

    Happy Saturday, and thanks for being my virtual friend.

    Virtual Hugs to you, Dena Heck.

    Sent from my iPad


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    • Hi Dena,
      I think the name is English and it comes from the Linden tree, I’m pretty sure my parents were fans of The Bionic Woman TV show and actress Lindsay Wagner LOL!


  3. I used to have an electric tea kettle – I loved it. Worth the investment.

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  4. Love my electric kettle…best brand Mueller.

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  5. I am so thankful for your wisdom and the chance to to learn from you. I would love more videos on stamping, using alcohol markers and cardmaking.

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  6. I love your Sat Chats. It’s so refreshing to chat about nothing really serious, keep it up. During these stressful times we all need it. As far as the edit of the pencils time lapse the colored pencils (which in reality takes more time) and perhaps real time the watercolor pencil version. But i’ll take however you do the edit. See you next week at AOC-water soluble oils. BTW should i sketch the outline prior to class? Think i’m going to use canvas board, good idea?

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