A Fun Fall Flower you Can Paint Quick and 40% off Sale!

Hi Friends! Let’s paint mums on a greeting card! This tutorial is perfect for beginners. You can change up the petal colors to reflect your favorite mum or daisy-shaped flower! This is fast and loose and will cheer up whoever you mail it too!

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Supplies (Affiliate links used)

That’s all for today! I hope you carve out a few minutes to paint and til next time happy crafting!

3 Responses

  1. It’s pretty, but I’ve never seen a mum with all those colors before??? Nice painting though.


  2. What a fun little flower! You’ve made me want to start painting some cards to send to former coworkers who i dont get to see that much since I had to retire. You always provide such inspiration ❤


  3. What a cheerful card! That would be such a nice Fall birthday card. When I saw it I immediately I thought it would also look nice in other medias like pastel or oil pastels … although it wouldn’t be fit for a card anymore.

    I have a question about oil pastels: due to Corona it’s hard to buy new lipstick because they don’t display sample lipsticks anymore so you never know for sure what hue you are about to buy. I now have an assortment of lipsticks gathering dust I will never use because they turned out more on the brownish red side and not dusky pink like I wanted. I wonder if I could use them along with my oil pastels? They are organic so they might get rancid but maybe oil pastels contain natural oils too like linseed oil. They would look wonderful for florals.

    And what about eye shadow? Would they work along with chalk pastels or would something get ruined?


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